Microscopy Science:

Last Approaches on Educational Programs and Applied Research

Microscopy Book Series #8 - Some accepted proposals

Electron backscattered diffraction analysis of Spark Plasma Sintered composites
B. Sadeghi, P. Cavaliere, M. Shamanian, M. Sanayei, J.A. Szpunar and M. Nosko

A combined polarization-Kelvin probe force microscopy approach for investigation of low temperature diffusion processes
K. Neuhaus

New Trends in Digital Medical Educational Resources for Teaching and Learning Microscopy
Anabel R. Learte and Rocío González Soltero

Applications of particle tracking microscopy methods on biomaterials research
A. Papagiannopoulos and S. Pispas

Chemical coordination, morphological characteristics and optical properties of α-(Ag2-2xZnx)WO4 crystals
F.S. Cardoso, I.C. Nogueira, J.C. Sczancoski, M.A.P. Almeida, M. Siu Li, E. Longo, B. Zhang and L.S. Cavalcante

Usage of microscopy techniques for the detection of biofilms among various microorganisms
M. Alper Ergin

Will you turn the light off for me?
R. Elsaesser and H. Wolff

Classification of white blood cell types from microscope images: Techniques and Challenges
Khamael AL-Dulaimi, Jasmine Banks, Vinod Chandran, Inmaculada Tomeo-Reyes and Kein Nyugen

Exosome investigation: the approach of electron microscopy
M.A. Di Bella

Microscopy for performance evaluation of hard yet tough nanocomposite multilayer coatings
Nisha Verma

Evidence for the chromium (III) accumulation in polyphosphate granules by Escherichia coli K-12
E. Villagrasa and A. Solé

Fluorescence microscopic analysis of mannose receptor expression and activity as a cell marker for tumor associated-macrophages
B. Arteta, A. Benedicto, L. Gomez-Santos, D. Alonso-Alconada, E. Hilario and A. Alvarez

The role of cytokines in the progress of brain damage after neonatal hypoxia-ischemia
D. Alonso-Alconada, B. Arteta, A. Benedicto, L. Gómez-Santos, E. Hilario and A. Álvarez

Inflammatory mediators and the emerging anti-inflammatory therapies in pediatric brain injury
D. Alonso-Alconada, A. Álvarez, L. Alonso, L. Del Arco and E. Hilario

Effect of different solvent ratios (water/isopropyl alcohol) on the growth process and optical properties of β-Ag2MoO4 crystals
F.S. Cunha, I.C. Nogueira, J.C. Sczancoski, M.A.P. Almeida, M. Siu Li, E. Longo, B. Zhang and L.S. Cavalcante

Uncovering antitumor T cell-mediated immune response through light microscopy
A. Benedicto, B. Arteta, L. Gomez-Santos, D. Alonso-Alconada, A. Alvarez and E. Hilario

How Glycosylation Is Involved in Metastatic Process Shown by Light Microscopy
L. Gomez-Santos, B. Arteta, A. Benedicto, D. Alonso-Alconada, E. Hilario and A. Alvarez

Evaluation of ultrastructural modified induced by phosphoethanolamine and liposomal formulation in human glioblastoma cells
A.C. Moraes, L.B Knop, S.C. Afeche, N.F.T. Santos, A. Souza-Imberg, D.C. Rabelo, G.O. Chierice, D.A. Maria

Mechanical and microscopic characterization of AlZnSn ternary alloys and their microstructural modification by cold working
M.L. Mendoza López, J. Pérez Meneses and J.J. Pérez Bueno

Heterogeneous photocatalysis under visible radiation with silicon nanowires/copper nanoparticles for methyl orange degradation
M.R. García Robles, J.J. Pérez Bueno and M.L. Mendoza López

TiO2 anatase obtained from co-formation of nanostructures by anodizing on surfaces of Si / Ti mixtures
A.I. Garibay Cordero, J.J. Pérez Bueno and M.L. Mendoza López

TiO2 coatings by APPJ with Ag nanoparticles for photocatalysis
M. Ramírez Hernández, J.J. Pérez Bueno, J.C. Erreguín Mejía, H. Mote Medécigo, C. Magdaleno López, Y. Meas Vong and M.L. Mendoza López

Evaluated organization of cytoskeletal microfilaments and antitumor effects of Meclizine Chloridrate and Methil-β-Cyclodextrin associated with synthetic phosphoethanolamine in human negative triple breast cancer
M.G.L. Silva, D.C. Rabelo, G.O. Chierice, S.C. Neto and D.A. Maria

Implementation of a manufacturing process for large area mirrors on polycarbonate sheets for solar concentration
R. Reséndiz Badillo, K. Islas Amador, E. Espinoza Esquivel, J.J. Pérez Bueno, H. Mote Medécigo, J.C. Erreguín Mejía, Y. Meas Vong and M.L. Mendoza López

Degradation of methyl orange by heterogeneous photocatalysis in the presence of silicon nanowires in heterojunction with nickel by Electroless deposition
M. De J. Betancourt Medina, J.J. Pérez Bueno and M.L. Mendoza López

Composite materials with graphenic materials by extrusion for 3D printing
A.L. Martínez Borja, L.Y. Hernández Reséndiz, J. Soto Soto, J.J. Pérez Bueno and M.L. Mendoza López

Fluorescence dyes and their usefulness in yeast cell research
Abhishek Sinha

Investigation of Thermal Degradation of Chitosan Scaffolds: Scanning Microscopy
Andrea Antunes, Mardey S. Silva, Cristiano A. Guarany and Maria F. Raposo

Transmission Electron Microscopy of Pediatric Small Round Blue Cell Tumors
Sergi Consolato